[O! GIFTS] JYJ Thanksgiving Live

O!’s Congratulatory Gifts
for the JYJ Thanksgiving Live

Initially, as can be seen in this thread {LINK} , O! planned to send a congratulatory flower stand to Tokyo Dome. However, since avex has decided not to receive any flower stands at all, we had no choice but to change our plans.

Therefore, we have gotten something simple, yet practical for the three of them. These will be delivered personally and directly by our staff to avex.

『 Gifts 』

For JaeJoong, bracelet with the inscription ‘J-OneTVXQ’
For YooChun, ball chain and a pendant with the inscription ‘Y-OneTVXQ’
For JunSu, flat chain and a cross pendant with the inscription ‘J-OneTVXQ’

As much as they are a part of TVXQ and will always be a part of TVXQ, they are also unique individuals to us. So our choice of inscription was not only to signify their individualistic character but also their place in TVXQ. (:

『 Letter』

As you can tell, we derived some inspiration from the lyrics of the new songs. We will also be sending along a Japanese version of the above letter. (: It’s still being translated by linhkawaii.

A big special thank you to all the donors who have contributed towards this project. 

Original Thread: http://www.onetvxq.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=13869

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6 Responses to [O! GIFTS] JYJ Thanksgiving Live

  1. pabofish says:

    omg i really love the design for YC’s pendant. love it! would you make it available for fans too? *u*

    i really hope the boys will get the chance to read the letter themselves. more than anything, i want them to know how much faith we have in them and that we’re always praying for their success. JYJ HWAITING! TVXQ HWAITING! ^^9

    last but not least, thank you for doing this, mods. 😉

  2. ting says:

    Meaningful gifts and touching letter.
    I’m sure the boys will greatly appreciate all your love and efforts 🙂

  3. Meena says:

    AWWW ^_^
    thank you staff for this awesome awesome gift on behalf of the international fans
    you guys are the BESTT!!!!

  4. lolita jung says:

    too bad i couldn’t participate that time… but so proud of you guys!
    i bet they’ll love them, have you got any response from the boys, from the staff delivering it?
    surely participate next time, TVXQ gogogo!^^

  5. yukoluvj says:

    Will avex really give our boy the presents?
    It will be awesome if O! Staff give our boys the presents face to face lol
    im sure our boys will like the presents!

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