[TRANS] 100607 LISA’s Blog on JaeSuChun

Which rehearsal is this?

Tad—a! (LOL)

They are my labelmate from rhymthzone.

Thanksgiving Live in Kyocera Dome of JeJung-kun, JunSu-kun and YuChun-kun!!

I did it–!

They sang “been so long”, the song that I composed when I was still a member of m-flo, splendidly in m-flo tribute album!

Amazing–This older sister gets very astonished at this giant venue!

They greeted me with such smiles of gentlemen.

I was rehearsing the song with JeJung-kun and YuChun-kun.

JeJung-kun put a lot of thoughts in and explained my part that has been divided.

And. YuChun-kun had a perfect smile next to me (LOL)…

His smile is like a teasing one of a teenager.

I somewhat had a feeling, “Isn’t this an international star here?”

Although I didn’t have a chance to sing with JunSu-kun, he is also very refreshing.

The three of them were so polite that I got really touched!

Even on the day of the performance, before the rehearsal, they greeted me, “Lisa-san! Please take care of us!” with such Korean accent that sounded so sweet!

Then, again, YuChun’s smile (LOL)!

They confirmed everything from the movements to the coordination and that makes me feel very relaxed!

I was super nervous before the performance!!

While I was restlessly waiting for the concert to begin, there’s JeJung from my door, “Lisa-san! Lisa-san!”

Then the three of them immediately came in and said, “Lisa-san, let’s take a blog picture!”

So gentle…

I thought that they were so~ amazing!

When they were standing on stage, I could hear the “Gya—-! Gya—-!” voices even from my resting room! LOL!

You guys give me goosebumps! LOL!

Wah~ I’ll make my appareance soon… I was so nervous…

When they called me out for standby, right when YuChun-kun introduced, “Lisa! been so long!”

Everyone went “Gya—!! Gya—! Gya!!”, so many many many many people!

Then on the giant stage! JeJung-kun and JunSu-kun were far away!

I was able to cool down thanks to the warm welcome by their fans (LOL)!

Not only are they gentle and kind, but their fans are also like that!

I got touched again because of that (cries)…

To sing along with each other while swinging our hands saying “Yay!”

I don’t know how they felt but I was very happy!

I could feel the love!

Thank you very much!

Really! Although it was a bit hard for me to walk quickly on stage because of my heels (LOL)!

I’m very grateful for the fun time I was able to spend with them and their fans (cries)!

JeJung-kun, YuChun-kun, JunSu-kun, and their fans, I want to thanks them over and over again!

Ah, lastly! JunSu-kun is soooo good at singing!

So wonderful!

I have nothing to say anymore! LOL!

Source: LISA’s blog
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

The blog entry is way toooooooooooooo long that I can only cap the first few sentences orz

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5 Responses to [TRANS] 100607 LISA’s Blog on JaeSuChun

  1. seabiscuits says:

    thank you for sharing!! 🙂 i’m so glad that even though the forum was closed down temporarily for the ‘move’ (lol–makes me excited when saying that. dundunn~~ dong bang city 😉 ) but O! is still very updated on things. bravo!!

    lol. Lisa-san ❤ yoochun's smile 🙂 she should know by now that his killer smile works on anyone. haha… including her. i'm dying to be there.. laugh and cry together with the three of them and with the other 40,000 fans that came T.T

    thanks for translating linh 😉 thanks for sharing O!

  2. Png says:


    Even Lisa-san acknowledge Junsu’s talent! Everyone recognizes Junsu’s talent! ❤

    Yoochun sounded so cheesy… always smiling xD

    Thx for sharing~~

    I wanted to be there…

  3. ezra says:

    Woah~ Thank you for translating~! ❤

    Lisa is such a Junsu fangirl. LOL!

    Good thing they had lots of fun~~~


  4. madeline says:

    lol @ yoochun’s smile. 🙂
    thank you!!

  5. ting says:

    Lisa dazzled with Yoochun’s smile :DD
    Love the fact she love Junsu’s singing, everyone sure does 🙂
    And also how she mentioned Jae’s dedication and how he helped her ^^

    Thanx for sharing^_^

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