[FANACC] 100606 JYJ THANKSGIVING LIVE – From a Japanese Blog

I went there!


I went there before 8:00am, since I wanted to get the goodies for certain.
Waiting for one hour for the sales to start, I was able to get the goodies around 9:00am.
But, my friend, who came on 9:00am were able to get them by waiting for only 30 minutes.
(Just before the live concert started, you had to queue up for 90 minutes.)

And, and…
My impressions for the live…

It was truly a touching live.

(Spoiler warning. Please do not read the following if you do not want to know the details.)

Though it was stated “Event”, it was a regular concert live~

First of all, there was a video on screen, each of the 3 members spoke their current feelings.

Afterwards, the live started with a song that we first heard of…
I thought that this song was a message from the 3 members to the fans.
I do not remember all the lyrics, but they sang their current feelings that they were sorry, and also, very thankful. The melody was lovely, too.

During this first song, Jaejoong was crying…
Jaejoong’s tearing face was on screen…
The fans were crying……
Yoochun and Junsu were almost crying, too…… Maybe they were…

They should have felt that at last they were able to sing in front of the fans.
But maybe they were relieved that there were warm welcomes from the fans..

The following are the set list…
In random order. There may be others, this is just from my memory.

COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~(Jaejoong& Yoochun)
My Girlfriend(Yoochun)
been so long(Jaejoong &Yoochun & Lady singer)
Kimiga Ireba ~Beautiful Love~(Junsu)
Kanashimino Yukue (Junsu)
Rainy Blue (of Hideaki Tokunaga)
Kimiga Irudakede (Kome Kome Club)

(T/N: Please click here for the set list)

There was one Korean song.
(This should be a message song for the Korean Cassies from Jaejoong…According to the Japanese lyrics, the contents were like “leave = good bye”.

(T/N: Please click here for the English trans)

There were songs that should liven us up at a-nation,
A ballad song totally in English..
This ballad song was sung by all the 3 members… just so lovely…
The Kyocera dome was filled with the pure vocal of the 3 members.

I could understand their mixed complicated during their talks,
but during their songs, they were singing with all their might, they seemed to feel great that at last they could sing.

Junsu was the only one that sung dance numbers.
“Intoxication”, which was the encore song, was so cool!
(As a surprise, the other two members danced a little bit to this song.)

And, and…
The last song……

Before the last song, the 3 members talked a little ……
They were again saying that they were sorry of the current situation.
But, they seemed to be saying that they decided to take this road……

One by one, they talked of their feelings.

Yoochun was saying that he wanted to quit singing last year, since it was so painful.
Junsu said “The only thing that I can do is to sing songs, under such sorrowful situations, in order to pay back to the fans.” So, he would do his best……

The last song…
This song was again full of messages…
Hearing this song, I was in tears……

The “Kimi (T/N: you)” part of the song should mean Yunho and Changmin…
I think that this song was their love to Yunho and Changmin…
The lyrics were all messages to Yunho and Changmin.
“We are keeping your place.”
“We are always thinking of you.”
“We would surely be able to meet you in the future” ……

I could not remember all the words, but they were directly singing their messages …
Their love and thoughts to “Kimi”, which stands for Yunho and Changmin…

During this song, Junsu was crying…
Junsu stopped singing the song and was trying to hold back tears…
Maybe Jaejoong was again in tears……

I believe that their feelings of this song is pure and true……

I think that the 3 members, who were keeping silent up to this date,
explained to us fans their true feelings and messages.
They should have kept silent until today…
In order to talk directly to the fans……

I could understand their mixed and complicated feelings,
I could understand that they really wanted to sing songs,
and also, I could understand their feelings to Yunho and Changmin…

Until today, I did not know how I should hold my feelings in daily life…
But, today, I could accept, or, understand a little of the current situation……
They are taking a step forward, but they have not forgotten all the memories…
I have decided that I will support the 3 members, who are wishing that “Kimi” would be together again in the future, however long it should take..

The 3 members singing on stage was truly cool.
The power of songs really impressed me. I thought their power was great.

Thank you very much for reading this long article.


Source: Chihiro’S WORLD & dirah9314 @ YouTube
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

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  1. Akhi says:

    Awww.. My heart is breaking… All the cassies still believe~…AAAAAAJJJAAAAAA!!!

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