[FANACC] 100605 JYJ THANKSGIVING LIVE at Kyocera Dome (Day 1) Part 4

Taken from this Japanese blog: http://ameblo.jp/ilovehiphop5678/

2010-06-05 21:32:58
The 3 voices.

It has ended now.

JaeJoong cried during the first song.

His eyes were really red.

“I was worried about whether people would come.”

What the trio have said during the Encore,
I have recorded them down with my own memory.

YooChun: “The circumstances right now are hard, there were times when I had thoughts of quitting (the entertainment circle). Last October, I did not contact any of the members. Last night, I was worrying if I could see everyone’s smiling faces. (T/N: The person who wrote this entry felt that he wasn’t only talking about the fans, but also Jaejoong and Junsu.)

JunSu: “Regarding our decision (on the lawsuit), it has made everyone worried and sad, I’m really sorry… I guess I can repay everyone only by singing right now.”

JaeJoong: “It must have been hard for everyone during these times right? However, my heart has not changed, from the start when all of us debut as TVXQ, till now. There are a lot of things I wanted to say, but I could not, however, everyone can definitely understand me.”

From the first song, all of us are carrying the same emotions.
The last one represents our feelings. (T/N: Person who wrote this entry isn’t sure who said it.)

Just like this, they sang the last song, which they composed themselves. (T/N: I’m not sure if this person meant the 3 of them composed it or not.)


I believe one day our paths will cross again

Under the same sky
I say to you
Love, never say goodbye

The feelings for you

The faith for you

I’m proud because of you

Yes, while singing this song
Junsu cried till he could not speak
The 3 of them Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu had cried.

I also cried along with them.

“We will be singing this song continuously, for the future, where we will meet once again. We have received so much love from the fans.”

I felt the emotions Yunho and Changmin had.
Just like what Jaejoong have said (wants to say, but couldn’t say)

The three of them have always loved the two
(The three of them have been bearing the weight of the love from the two)

I pledge.

This is what they will never change!
TVXQ has never left, not even once!

SourceJapanFanBlog + BaiduTVXQ
Translation: nings @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

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5 Responses to [FANACC] 100605 JYJ THANKSGIVING LIVE at Kyocera Dome (Day 1) Part 4

  1. whiteangel25 says:

    The last two sentences gave me goosebumps. Yes, they never left us, in fact, they will never leave us.

  2. Png says:

    they never left and never will…

    they love each other as family and always thought about each other in their hearts…

    We can’t see anything from the outside, but inside of them, it is obvious they still love each other as much as before, or maybe more…

    They are still TVXQ in their hearts, and it will never change. It is only because they are unable to speak that we worry, but after hearing their talk… it is much better to say that they are still forever together

  3. Angelis says:

    Yoochun’s words really bring down to Earth the fact that these three are like the rest of us. We’re human, they’re human. At the time that the five young men need our support the most, we can’t abandon them. They haven’t left us, and we won’t leave them.

    Yoochun, we’ll be here forever.
    Junsu, we’ll listen to you.
    Jaejoong, we understand you.

    Changmin… Yunho…
    perhaps they weren’t there physically, but the three that were there emphasized the point that they’re always there. Always five. Always together and thinking of each other.

  4. Love_TVXQ_so_much says:

    I wanna say that I love u guys
    I’m really proud and impressed that u guys love each other
    I have no doubt about u guys
    I got it that sth u can’t say much but your heart told that u really mean it
    fighting guys, like below say
    This is what they will never change!
    TVXQ has never left, not even once!
    Thx a lot ^^

  5. gladiola says:

    I can’t stop crying while I am reading this… If I see the pictures or VODs I will be more sad.
    I feel ssooo… sad for them too. I am sure Yunho and Changmin will miss their 3 brothers also.
    I love them more and more… I appreciate their love for each other and for their fans. Wish they will be together soon…
    Thanks for sharing…

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