[FANACC] 100605 JYJ THANKSGIVING LIVE at Kyocera Dome (Day 1) Part 3

Yoochun rapped in “XIAHTIC.”


Jaejoong and Yoochun are the dancers for Junsu’s “Intoxication” performance today.
Junsu was wearing a red jacket together with his usual white outfit.
Junsu was crying till he was unable to continue singing during the encore. In the end, his voice got out of control. All three of them seem to have cried.


Yoochun’s Speech

I’m really sorry to have made everyone worry about me last year. I’m also not sure what the best thing to do is. I’ve thought of quitting after going through much pain last October. I stayed at home and refused to contact anyone. During that short period of time, the members have always been encouraging me, and after watching the fans’ supporting messages and videos, I’ve decided to keep going. There was no feeling of unease whenever we faced new challenges when we just debuted. Instead, we thought of them as fun encounters. However, such new challenges like last year’s issues were very scary. I was wondering if fans are able to accept such a thing from me.
I’m really happy to be able to meet everyone today. I will definitely work hard in future because I would like to see how I will be like during that time.

Yoochun finished his speech with a trembling voice.


Junsu’s video was played first, followed by Jaejoong’s and Yoochun’s respectively. After that, the three of them appeared, and they were wearing white coats with black shirts. As usual, the three of them were so charming, and I’ve written just now about how Yoochun’s hair was plaited and tied up as a ponytail.

The three of them revealed their feelings which they were unable to express through their new songs.
Jaejoong was the first to cry, and he said, “I was so happy that I cried because of the sight of the red lightsticks.”

I’ll write down the greeting part as much as I can remember.
Junsu, being the first to speak, said, “Long time no see,” and “Thank you very much.”
Yoochun: “Everyone is doing well, right? I’m Yoochun.”
Jaejoong: “Hi everyone! How is everyone doing lately? I’ve always been very confused about this live concert because I was worried whether people will turn up for it… It’s really awesome. In order to win everyone’s smile, I’ll definitely work hard.”

Junsu leave the stage first while “Shelter” was being performed.
After Yoochun left the stage, Junsu appeared again. While “君がいれば~Beautiful Love~” was played, Yoochun’s drama was shown on the screen. Then Junsu said, “Has everyone watched Yoochun’s drama? Yoochun has yet to watch it~ Yoochun~” When it was Yoochun’s turn to appear onstage, he went to the VIP area and shook hands with the fans.

When Junsu and Yoochun returned onstage, someone (T/N: The blogger didn’t state who it was) said, “Please, Master Junsu.” The big screen was showing a close-up of Yoochun from his drama. Junsu said, “I heard this rumour regarding the kiss scene in the drama. The drama originally didn’t have a kiss scene, but Yoochun did it impulsively.” Then Yoochun replied, “There’s no such thing.”

Source: JapanFanBlog + 米仓 + 路过的一只吧 + JUNSUbaidu
Translation: sicashinki @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

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