[FANACC] 100605 JYJ Thanksgiving Concert at Kyocera Dome, Osaka

[T/N: Make room for things lost in translation, thanks. Square brackets are my thoughts.]

Lights went out a little after 18:00. First shots onscreen were individual interviews of the 3.

+ Title Unknown
I didn’t catch the title, but it featured the three.
A ballad.
Rather than upbeat songs, they chose this kind of song to sing.
I’m starting to tear up at this point.
Its a joy hearing these three voices, but not hearing five makes me lonely.
Its the same with the others, I think, as we listen to this song.
Jae started to cry while singing.
I’ve never seen a man cry so so beautifully, really.
While watching, I cried even more.

After the song ended, there was a little MC.
“I was anxious about whether everyone will come.”
Aah, I don’t remember the order but bear with me.

+ If you ~Beautiful Love~ (Junsu)
He sang on the main stage while Yuchun’s drama MV was screening.
It was the first time hearing it live today!
Jaejoong joked about the drama during the MC, “I heard a rumor that Yuchun tried kissing even though there wasn’t any in the script.”
Yuchun laughed and fervently denied it lol

+ Shelter (Jae & Yuchun)
I love love this song! ^^
Jae’s hair is Dr’s, Junsu is Junsu’s, while Yuhcun is…how do I say it…since when did your hair grow so long? I’m not even sure if its his real hair.
It kind of reminds me of Changmin’s hair in FITB…

+ 君のために←めっちゃ曖昧(?) (Jae)
Before the start of this song
“How are you guys?”
“How have you been?”
“Are you guys alright?”
I heared over and over.
I couldn’t answer…because I was wasn’t ok.
I was crying.
I’m sorry, Jae. But I didn’t want to lie. ‘Mianhe.’
“I’ve prepared a Korean song, I hope you guys will listen.”
It’s one of his favorite Korean songs.
I vaguely remember the title, but there was a Japanese translation onscreen.
“Because I’m dangerous, I’ll leave to you.”
[mishi: here’s the song with eng subs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKsTISXYK_Q ]
[ http://www.youtube.com/watch#!v=UjLvQWiINNg&feature=channel ]

+ English Songs (JYJ)
I didn’t know any of the titles.
They roamed around the runways while singing.
[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDTPl49e6xw&feature=player_embedded ]

+ Been So Long (Jae & Yuchun)
The M-flo tribute song
Plus a special guest appearance!
Its really LISA! 😀
I could see this performance quite clearly bc I was the first seat near the end of the runway! Really exciting~ ❤

Collaboration with Mr. DJ MAKAI
[something about mobile games]

+ Kanashimi no Yukue/A Future of Sadness [what’s the official translation of this title? =x] (Junsu)
Junsu sang it with intense feelings~
The video was also shown and it was really sad.
I had goosebumps~
During the MC Junsu said, “I never really cry during movies or dramas but I cried when I saw this one! Jaechun even called all the way from Korea to ask, ‘Did Junsu really cry watching a drama??'” LOL

+ Maze (Jae)
(…) [just spazzing :9]
[ http://www.youtube.com/watch#!v=lVqF1Pw7Kk4&feature=channel ]

+ Girl Friend (Yuchun)
I almost fell over.
“I choose her,” he pointed to the audience.
A girl was chosen. A girl. Of course. [m: LOLOL]
[long spazzing bc Yuchun was touching her and gave her flowers and kissed her hand at the end]

+ Rainy (JYJ)
[ow diba Junsu solo to? basta may trench coat factor daw. kasi rainy. lol.] This is a Junsu solo, right? There’s a ‘trench coat factor.’ Because it’s rainy. Lol

+ Just Because You are/I Love you (JYJ)
And old song by the the Kome Club.
Its a song my mom enjoyed a lot.
[ https://onetvxqforums.wordpress.com/2010/06/05/aud-100605-for-you-jaejoong-i-have-nothing/ ]

+ COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~ (Jae & Yuchun)
Appearing far left and right was Jaechun
And slowly, from there to the main stage.
Towards the end of “lalala~” we all sang. 🙂
And at the end of “Like a melody and harmony in love”
Jaechun repeats “In Love” over and over
When Junsu suddenly spoke
“Hurry up! You guys are taking too long!”
Jaechun was at the main while Junsu was backstage
And then there were three people harmonizing and…
“In love~” 🙂
The two goes backstage for costume changes and Junsu-time begins.
[ https://onetvxqforums.wordpress.com/2010/06/05/aud-100605-jaechun-colors-melody-and-harmony/ ]

“Even though I’ve recently sealed my oyaji gags, I have one tonight for you guys!” 🙂
[ http://www.youtube.com/watch#!v=F0f_sRWJumg ]
Yuchun’s BeeTV video were shown
and a little of Jae’s Sunare~

After it ended, the entire venue called for an encore.

+ Encore: Intoxication
After watching it through various programs recently, finally!
Jaechun also appeared during the dance!
Jaejoong and Yuchun really danced! I LOVED IT! It was really cool!
Jun-chan finished it off~ 😀

+ Encore MC (it was really much longer than this. pulled from memory.)

We made a lot of people sad
We made a lot of people cry
With our decision
Even though I want to say it to everyone…
Even if there’s a lot want to say, I can’t. (Jae started crying here)
We cry together, we laugh together
Us all us here in this place
We share the same feelings.

Around October last year, I thought this would all end (Micky in tears)
I didn’t talk to anyone and I really thought of leaving
But receiving messages from fans made me think about everything once again
This challenge…this frightful challenge
Until now, I’m still scared of setting out in this new path
Not just as “Micky Yuchun”
But the Yuchun that I am now
And because I receive courage from everyone
I face this challenge with courage.

We made everybody sad…
I thought this a lot

And I still think it

Being able to make music
And being able to sing your song for everyone
I think that and…
I can keep singing until I die.

+ W (JYJ)
An original song as well
If it was written by all three, I’m not sure
But they were all crying during this song
As the lyrics flowed on the screen, by throat started to burn…
I thought at the beginning that it was a song for the fans
But clearly, it was for the 2.
The tears couldn’t be stopped anymore.
Junsu cried and cried until he couldn’t sing anymore…
Some of the parts they really couldn’t sing
They would like to sing as five, after all
And they’re not.
I can’t see clearly the reasons of the three and the two
But in the future, I WILL go see Tohoshinki as five. Absolutely.

PS; A suprise celebration for Yuchun!
JJ sang a birthday song with everyone~ 🙂
Anyhow, I’ve cried so much during this live
So I’ll be resting now! ^^

[ this took sjkdfhlaksdjfhldskfgyaah! its 4am! >.< where are those ninja!Bigeast fancams?! i only see mobile updates dangit! >__<;;]

Source: Yumi-chan
Translation: frostedchinadoll @ cassph.org + CassPH’s Facebook
Shared by: OneTVXQ.com

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3 Responses to [FANACC] 100605 JYJ Thanksgiving Concert at Kyocera Dome, Osaka

  1. ting says:

    They laugh and cry, they feel just as much as us.
    I believe it’s an honest time spent btw Jae, Chun & Su with the fans; and I hope their words can also be felt by the imp ‘ppl’ that were not there.

  2. felice says:

    I want to see the concert. Do you think they’ll have a DVD of it? Because i want to see it, too. Fancams are great, but i want to see their crying faces. Gosh, I’m crying listening to the audios. I agree with ting, it is an honest time with just them and the fans. They needed this to see again that fans still love them regardless. I kind of feel bad for the caretakers who had to clean up all those tissues though. We love you!

  3. winniepooh says:

    read with tears T__________T
    W is obviously stand for Cassiopeia and lyrics surely made for Yunho & Changmin

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