[TRANS] 100606 Nikkei Entertainment July Issue – YuChun’s Part

Facing A New World, Issues Decided On, Things To Consider

Always the gentleman in THSK, Yuchun now sheds that image to take on the role of a proud young master in a television drama, and hereby marking the start of his solo activities.

YuChun was born on 4th June 1986, is an O-blood type, and has been living in America through his primary to high school years. He is the composer in THSK and has composed many songs. His traits: Lots of tears, always changing hairstyles.

This spring, in the television industry, following TBS’s prime time broadcast, after the introduction of <<IRIS>> which stars Lee Byung Hun, Fuji TV’s television drama <<Sunao ni Narenakute>>, starring THSK member JeJung, alongside other Japanese actors, has also been included in the broadcast schedule. The Korean wave has become an increasingly hot topic. This wave has even hit Japan’s drama domain, and a work that can be termed as the “grand finale” will be broadcast in June. That is << Beautiful Love~Kimi ga Ireba~>> starring YuChun.

As one of THSK’s members, he has always presented a gentle, friendly and humble image on both the stage and on television. However, when you meet him, you will be completely overwhelmed by his attractive hoarse voice, and sometimes, his very sexy mannerisms. All the female readers would probably understand this.

The role that he plays in the drama – a full-of-himself, proud young master – has a image that is the complete opposite of how he usually is. Youngsu/Yonsu (the character’s name) is an heir to a South Korean financial magnate, and by chance, when he meets a Japanese girl whom he does not know at all, he decides to take the opportunity to try to live a new life of freedom. However, due to the differences in their values, there were often times when both of them got into an argument. This drama goes on to illustrate how through such a situation, both characters eventually cleared the misunderstandings between them and reconciled with each other.

Based on this work, YuChun had taken the first step into a whole new world. The start of his solo activities begins here. What are his thoughts and feelings in challenging this new field? Currently, what are the thoughts that he has?


Narrowing The Distance Between Each Other Through The Arguments – A Romance Story Between A Korean Man And A Japanese Woman

The story begins when Hinata (played by Omasa Aya), a freelance reporter who wishes to be a writer, has an encounter with the heir to a financial magnate, Youngsu/Yonsu while she is in South Korea carrying out research. Hinata later meets Youngsu/Yonsu in Japan again when he goes over for a work-related matter. Tired of his monotonous life, Youngsu/Yonsu seizes this chance to move into Hinata’s home…

< -Omitted: Profile of the producer of this drama->

BeeTV will broadcast an episode every Wednesday from 4th June onwards. There will be 12 episodes in total.

— This drama marks the official start of your solo activities, why did you choose this television drama as the starting mark of your solo career?
Frankly speaking, I felt uneasy about it [initially], but right now, there are a lot of things which I want to challenge. Though this is my first time trying out in the (Television Drama) field, I have, however, determined to do my best in this.

— The role you are playing is the complete opposite of how you have been all along.
As an actor, you get to enact the lives of different people, so I might as well enact a character that is completely different from me. However, what I have in common with this character is that beneath his proud exterior, there is this awkwardness which he faces loneliness and his emotions with, and that was why I decided to try this [drama] out.

— How did you prepare yourself to film this drama?
I lost some weight. However, because this is my first television drama in Japan, I was very anxious and worried, so I completely had no appetite. I really didn’t lose weight on purpose, but before the filming started, I always felt too nervous till I was unable to eat, so I got slightly thinner (laughs).

— Speaking of the television drama, JeJung-san has also starred in a Japanese drama serial.
Ah, JeJung, you must do well~! I was encouraged by JeJung [‘s involvement in a drama] to star in this drama.

— JunSu-san, who sang the theme song for this drama, has he been to the shooting location?
He came suddenly, and that gave me a shock. I always feel embarrassed when I’m being seen by them during the filming, so I would usually say “What are you doing here~?” (laughs). However, due to the production of his single, JunSu has been very busy, and for him to take out time purposely to come and see me, that feeling was really…I was extremely happy.

— Were you able to adjust into the role very quickly during the filming?
It was not like that. If we were filming a very serious scene, then I would try to immerse myself in that mood from the start of the day. To be able to do that, I would usually listen to music. In that way, I was able to get rid of some of the anxieties too.

— There was a crying scene in the later half of the drama, were you able to control your emotions well?
Yes. That was because I was adjusting to the mood since morning, and I was very focused during the filming, so the tears started flowing out very quickly (laughs).

The Difference Between Singing And Acting

— Before this, you have been using your voice to describe and express the world, so in terms of acting, how is that different from singing?
As a singer, you have to perform the lyrics of the song by making the emotions of the composer a part of you, and express it just as “YuChun”. However, in acting, you have to completely become another person. Even though it sounds similar, I think the way in which you perform it out is totally different.

— It seems like you no longer have any difficulty conversing in Japanese in your daily life, were there any problems when you said your lines?
Ya~ It really took a lot of effort (laughs)! This is the first time I’m acting using Japanese, and the preparation time was not very long either, so when I saw the script I was really…uneasy. Initially I wanted to learn how to use Japanese in acting, and prepare myself well by reading some books, but the filming schedule won’t be able to wait for me to learn [all that] slowly, but, no matter what, I wanted to give my best to do this well. The pitch and tone in pronouncing Japanese is really difficult, the manager would accompany me to go through the script till morning, and every day we would appear at the filming location without much sleep, but even then, we were still unable to catch up (with the pace of the filming). During the filming, the supervisor would always, always give us instructions, and it felt really tough (laughs). But, due to the lack of sleep, my appetite was not so good. Even then, I feel that acting is something really interesting. The duration of my filming was about a week, but I have had a lot of moments when I was deeply moved. Although it was rather tough (laughs), I would want to try it again.

— Were there any particular scene that left a deep impression on you?
No (laughs). I think it should be more like right now, I want to re-film everything, starting from the first scene when the filming officially started…(laughs)

— Just to add on another question, what type of actor do you like?
Fukuyama Masaharu. He can sing and act well. I want to work hard to become someone like him!

— I think there should be a lot of fans waiting for you to sing again, so what are your plans towards the area of singing from here on?
While acting is something really interesting, but right now I really wish to be able to sing soon! I am still composing tunes now, and there are a lot more things which I wish to do. Still, I wish to be able to stand before everyone as a singer as soon as possible.



Q: What did you eat today?
A: Ramen! My favourite food~

Q: What is the one side dish that you must have when you visit a bistro?
A: Flower carp, on the contrary, I don’t really have a liking for high-class dishes. Izakaya, is a good place~

Q: What is your method for self-relaxation?
A: Half-baths. For about half an hour or so.

Q: What kind of shower cream do you like to use?
Nothing in particular. If we were using the oil from Bebaminto in this filming, I would have gone to sleep immediately after a shower (laughs).

Q: Have you felt burdened by anything recently?
A: Er…no.

Q: What is the one song you must sing when you are at the KTV?
A: Fukuyama Masaharu’s <<Beloved>>.

Q: An update of how you are recently?
A: Right now I am in the midst of preparing myself because I will be returning to South Korea to film a television drama. I will work hard!

Source: Nikkei Entertainment + baiduTVXQ 1, 2
Translation: kimuchi3005 @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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