[TRANS] 100605 NON-NO July Issue – JunSu: “I Wish To Present My True Side To Everyone”

JunSu will begin his solo activities with a brand new name – XIAH junsu. He has been keeping many entanglements and worries in his heart…and today, lets share about his thoughts and feelings together.

That JunSu, who will begin his solo activities as XIAH junsu!

“Even though I have been using the name JunSu in Japan all along, in Korea, I have always used the name Xiah JunSu. Though this is my solo debut this time, but I chose to change to this name because I wanted to be closer to my real self.

From a bigger perspective I want to express the artiste that I am, and give what’s best of me to everyone. Up till now, I have been working hard, seriously, and I want to stand on stage as an artiste. However, in Japan, I don’t really know when, but everyone started to place more focus on the amusing side of me, isn’t that right? From the start, be it in making gags, or in being the mood-maker, I like it all, but that is only a small part of me. But if that is all people focus on for me, frankly speaking, there were times when I felt very lonely.”

Due to this tangle, that was why JunSu openly announced that “[He] will seal up all those gags”.

“Even though I was really serious in doing all those acts, the audience did not treat it seriously (laughs). Even for myself, there were times when I thought “it would probably feel weird if I switch too quickly now”. While half of me was frustrated, the other half was happy about it. But I pushed on with it even while I was in this dilemma.”

What he wishes to show everyone, is not the side of him that is very good at just being funny, but who he is as an artiste…carrying this belief, JunSu titled his first album with his new name <<XIAH>>. The self-composed track, <<Intoxication>>, used a very strong and sexy R&B style, which gave off a “mature JunSu” feel that he has never tried before.

“This track was written while I was on the way to the Han River after having wrapped up my schedule for the day. I was feeling regretful because it was winter then, and it was very cold, so the river had frozen up. While I was looking afar and thinking “when will this ice start to melt”, a section of the music came up in my mind.”

As an artiste, JunSu currently has a great yearning towards music production.

“The inspiration usually comes when I am driving; there are times when a thought would come to mind while I am watching a movie. The melody would be echoing in my mind, and I would be so focused on the composition that I would forget and skip meals. When I sit in front of the table, and I think that it is still not good enough, that would immediately bestir me to go on (laughs). I don’t create the melody as I work on the composition; it is always through a sudden inspiration that appears in my mind.”

The other track included in the album, <<Kanashimi No Yukue>> is a sorrowful ballad. This was a track that JunSu personally picked out from amongst 20 plus other compositions.

“Compared to a romance that has ended, it makes one feel even lonelier when the feelings have changed. I was really shaken [with emotions] from within by the lyrics that contained such sentiments. Perhaps, the lover had a change of heart? (Reason for the change of heart) If it were me, I would get her back. While we do have to maintain a certain amount of dignity in work and other aspects, but my kind of style is that in love, dignity can be given up. I can apologize, or do any other thing, I would work hard. However, if the reason [for a change of heart] is not because of me…I would want to think over and have a clear insight [of the situation]. The heart is not something which anyone can have influence over so easily, only the person himself/herself can decide who they want their heart to be influenced by.”

Regarding the suggestions towards the track, there was also a mature message displayed throughout. “To date, the serious expressions that has been expressed before have left a deep impression”, if we were to express it this way, “Don’t I provide a mature feel today? Up till today, the keyword ‘matured’, only during times of inconvenience, when I expressed that mature feeling on purpose, will it be used on me (laughs),” JunSu also has a side of him that loves to joke.

“The real me is when I am cheerful and full of vigor, yet, at the same time, I am also myself when I am serious. There are still many facets of me which I wish to express to everyone. I hope to be able to reveal them bit by bit to everyone from now onwards. Please do not be shocked (laughs).”

Source: NON-NO + XiahKing + baiduTVXQ
Translation: kimuchi3005 @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

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One Response to [TRANS] 100605 NON-NO July Issue – JunSu: “I Wish To Present My True Side To Everyone”

  1. Lilian says:

    Thanks for this. I guess Junsu is hoping to be treated more seriously, instead of being always the cute one who makes people laugh. And yes, Junsu, go on and shock us with your talents! =)

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