[TRANS] 100605 “For You” by Im Jaebum, Sang by Jaejoong at the Thanksgiving Live

Maybe we are people
Tangled in a complicated relationship
Everyday I am debted to you
Debts that are too much for me to pay back
Sometimes like a couple, sometimes like strangers
Can we keep living on like that
Despite countless mistakes and seperations
You are still there

I know that you are the only person
Who can help me live properly in this world
I, in order to live without regrets,
Should keep you by my side
My rough mind and unstable expressions
And you watching it
That is a love like a war
Because I’m dangerous, because I love you
I will leave from you
I will leave for you

Source: Translator of Funk! + Aheeyah.com
Translation: Delacroix @ delacroix.egloos.com
Shared by: jinsane226 @ Twitter + OneTVXQ.com

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5 Responses to [TRANS] 100605 “For You” by Im Jaebum, Sang by Jaejoong at the Thanksgiving Live

  1. Hirokuma says:

    Definitely dedicated to Yunho.

  2. squall says:

    wow.. So touching words. Did he picked the song by himself..or it was chosen for him, hmm i wounder ^_^

  3. ekin says:

    awww….why do i ‘smell’ yunjae all over this….???
    it can even be OT5, but let me dream on my yunjae….

  4. ringonobun says:

    Is it just me or this lyrics screams Yunjae ?
    The lyrics are really beautiful and touching though ^_^

  5. seabiscuits says:

    watched the original version… and oh my my my~~
    this song is like a rock love song !! i can just imagine jj singing this with his husky wet voice … *melts* i personally likes how jj sing rock songs and my first time listening to this song was today from an LQ fancam. i’ve now listened to it for more than 10 times already!! ❤ jj love.

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