[O! PROJECT] Music in Colors – Yoochun’s Birthday Project!

♪ To Yoochun from ChunKissers ♪

As we know our romantic Yoochun is turning 24 [Western] / 25 [Korea] on June 4th and OneTVXQ’s going to celebrate with him! We know he loves music since he’s a singer, composer, & avid listener so this project is all about music!
We hope to put more colors in his music as we shower him in international Cassiopeia love!

★ Donate
Without our beautiful members, there would be no project so please help us brighten his day by contributing to the project!
Head over to the Donation Thread to contribute ; LINK! Be sure to leave a reply once you’ve donated!

★ Gifts
iPod Skin

We’ll be designing our own iPod skin for Yoochun!
Music themed of course ;D


We’ll be getting personally designed accessories for Yoochun’s store.
Please check out the thread for more!

We will be using two different templates for messages
One suggesting a song for him, one being song we think of him during.
Please go to the thread HERE!
Further instructions & information please see link!

★ Deadline
Please get all messages in by June 19th!
We will be getting this to him in person in August!

Note: The forum’s currently offline, but we’re just posting the project info here so people can still check it out 🙂 Here’s the original link to the project thread: [O! PROJECT] Music in Colors, MAIN Thread – Yoochun’s Birthday Project!

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