[TRANS] 100603 Japanese Magazine “PIA TV” YuChun’s Interview

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YuChun, a highly popular singer, will debut for the first time in a Japanese television drama. It has become a hot topic not only because of the appearance of YuChun, but also because the drama illustrates “a romance story between a wealthy guy and an average girl”, and such a Cinderella-like romance story is every girl’s dream.

[Beautiful Love~ Kimi ga Ireba ~], which will begin broadcasting on 4th June, will star YuChun as a South Korean typhoon named Youngsu, the heir to Tae Do Group. He is a typical rebellious youth, possessing a superior attitude to everyone around him, and does not trust anyone. He later meets a Korean reporter, Hinata, and they had the worst first impression of each other. What happens then when they meet each other again in Japan?

Playing the character of Hinata is a young actress named Omasa Aya. What kind of romance will YuChun and Omasa Aya play out?

[Beautiful Love~ Kimi ga Ireba ~]
YuChun’s Interview

When I found out that I was to star in a television drama I was very ecstatic, but I was also uneasy as all the lines were in Japanese. Moreover, I didn’t have much time to prepare, and there was a great pressure on me because I really wanted to act out the character well, so every night, the staff and I will cut down on our sleeping time just to practice reading the script. However, once I began filming, I felt happy being able to act. Catching the right Japanese accent was really hard, so as I was filming, at the same time, I would inquire from the director, and it was pretty tiring.

The character which I play, Youngsu, has a different personality from how I usually am, so it was a bit harder getting into and understanding the character. He could see that his real self was getting closer to Hinata, and it was not because of money. It is really good to be able to have a girl like Hinata, who can understand Youngsu completely. Omasa Aya, who plays the character of Hinata, is always very bubbly, and she has given me a lot of help. When we filming the last scene, I was a little startled when Omasa was not around. I didn’t know of it at that time, so it shocked me a little.

Through this acting experience, it was really interesting to be able to experience a life different from my own. I would like to try acting out different characters in the future. This television drama is about how both men and women can have a common desire to want to know and understand more people. During this week of filming, I have been moved a lot of times. I’m really happy to be able to share all these with everyone.

YuChun’s First Challenge At A Romance Drama

Youngsu gently hugs Hinata, what will happen to the fates of these two people who met coincidentally from here on?

How The Shooting Scene Is Like

(Top) Director Kato Hiromasa complimented YuChun saying “YuChun is a great actor”
(Bottom) On the first day of the shooting scene, both of them were very happy and harmonious

(Top left) Both characters who met at a Korean hotel. First impression was very bad!
(Top right) Hinata blogs about what happens every day and the troubles on her heart.
(Bottom left) Both of them taking a photo as a memory for their first date in Tokyo.
(Bottom right) Even though he is a heir to a financial magnate, Youngsu refuses to give up on his dreams.

Source: PIA TV + baiduTVXQ
Translation: kimuchi3005 @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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