[TRANS] 100602 Japanese Magazine “女性自身” – Yoochun’s Interview

Omasa Aya and Yoochun star as lovers! The live interview will be coming right up~

Omasa Aya and Yoochun, who has a high popularity in Asia, will star together in a television drama by BeeTV. Omasa Aya will be playing the part of a paranoid 22-year old reporter, Hinata, whose dream is to become a writer.

Omasa Aya (quoted as Aya in the interview below) : This is my first time acting as a career woman, and the outfits are different from what I used to wear, the colour of my hair is also a bright colour. In the scene where I have to act drunk, I even asked the director how I was supposed to do it (laughs).

Even though they faced an intense schedule, the atmosphere was very peaceful when they went to different parts of Kanto for their filming location. However, this is the first time Yoochun-chan is using Japanese to act!!

Yoochun (quoted as Yoo in the interview below) : There was an intense amount of pressure, and I hardly ate anything on the first day.
Aya : You said you couldn’t sleep?
Yoo : Yes, I was still very nervous when I arrived at the filming location. I only got used to it slowly after I became familiar with everyone, it was very trying.
Aya : Yoochun-chan improved in both his acting and Japanese, very outstanding!! I only know a bit of Korean, so I am working hard to learn it. It is really amazing to skip sleep everyday and work hard to memorize the lines.

A banter of Japanese and Korean on a relaxed shooting scene.

How was the first meeting like?

Yoo : Even though we have seen the photographs before, when we met in reality, she looked more mature than me with her black hair~
Aya : At that time, I even got a CD from Yoochun
Yoo : I, didn’t say anything else after greeting her…it was really awkward…it was hard on you (laughs)!
Aya : Please don’t go there again~ (laughs)!! I was also very nervous initially. It was also my first time starring together with an artiste. However, for this shoot, everyone, be it the staff or the other actors, we got familiar with each other really quickly.
Yoo : The surrounding environment was very good! The shoot was always filled with non-stop laugher.
Aya : On certain occasions there would be some weird conversations. I don’t know why, but it felt like we were trying to kill time??
Yoo : Ah!! Round butt pen!! (PS: The pronunciation is the same as Omasa Aya’s last short sentence) Erm…Japan’s laughter gag
Aya : Ahahahahaha
Yoo : This is the atmosphere…most of the time
Aya : Also, we would whistle quite often
Yoo : Actually, we were usually singing songs, maybe next time (laughs)

On the day of the interview, we welcomed Yoochun-chan, who completed his shooting first.

Yoo :When I got the script, I wrote my kana name on it, and it was really tough when I practiced reading the script, but it was a job that left a deep impression on me. Even though it is a straightforward love story, please pay attention to my acting.
Aya : There are also sad scenes, but there are scenes with Youngsu (Yoochun) which involves pleasant interactions too.

Even though Hinata and Youngsu first met each other at the worst time of their situations, but such cases do exist in reality.

Aya : Perhaps…
Yoo : For me…[meeting] Aya was my first experience. I’m kidding! It must have been hard on you (laughs)

Source: 女性自身 + Mr Park + baiduTVXQ
Translation: kimuchi3005 @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

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