[2010] Happy 24th birthday to our smiling Prince, Yoochun

To our prince who is turning another year older and still looking fine!  We wish you a happy birthday and thank you for giving us music, laughter, joy and all sort of things to our lives. We really can’t imagine a day without your smile, either happy or sad… always a smile on your face.

Hope you’re having fun with your members, friends and family! We’ll be always be with you no matter what happens ♥

Don’t forget to help make #yoochunday  a trending topic on the 4th of June at 8PM KST!

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135 Responses to [2010] Happy 24th birthday to our smiling Prince, Yoochun

  1. mommielynn says:

    My Yoochun, I wish you a wonderfully filled day of happiness and blessings on your birthday. My Gemini twin, although our birthday’s are one day apart, Mommielynn will share her cake with you here in the U.S. ^_^

  2. Orchid says:

    Yoochun, my sweet smiling prince, have a wonderful and happy birthday. May the Lord forever bless you with his love and shelter. I love you, baby. Take care and please keep smiling! 😀 xxxxx

  3. Rina says:

    My dear yoochun, I hope your life is made of many joys and you can make all your dreams and want you to know that we all love you and only want your good … I hope that today, you smiled a lot and this will bring us his joy contagious.

  4. Hoodwinker says:

    Yoochun Oppa,

    Happy Birthday! I wish you happiness, bless and success. Although the past year had been tough for you, your members, your family and all your fans, we must only look towards the future with a determined mind. No matter what, we will always support the members of TVXQ! Smile more, and thank you for everything you have given us

  5. ting says:

    A happy birthday to you, Yoochun.
    I wish for more joy in your life, and all the best in all that you strive for.
    Cherish yourself as much for you are precious to your loved ones.
    May God bless you and your family.
    Take care.

  6. venny huang says:

    happy bday yoo chun..

  7. Jessyka says:

    To our “Dandy Boy” Park Yoochun, you’ve turned one year older again. I hope your happy on your special day. I wish all the best for you. Always take care of yourself. May god bless you and TVXQ always. Cassiopeia is always with you. Always keep the faith! Happy Birthday to you Oppadeul!!!

  8. Jiayi says:

    Happy Birthday Chunnie ! Stay cheerful and keep smiling ! We got your back ! ^^
    Park Yoochun FIGHTING ! ♥

  9. HoRa.. says:

    saengil cukha hamnida my lovely brother Yoochun oppa! thank you for coloring my days and make it brighter than before. ah, if you have some troubles, keep smiling oppa.. cause Cassiopeia will always cheer you up! 😉 Always Keep The Faith~ ❤

    p.s: tell Yunho oppa that i love & miss him so bad! lol! saranghae TVXQ! Sarah – Indonesia

  10. D says:


    i wish u a happy 24th birthday.
    hope all your dreams will be achieved.
    hope all your days will be filled with lots of love.

    eat well, rest well

  11. shimjjang_min says:

    hey, yoochun! happy 24th birthday! you’re getting older nae?? hhiihihi:) well, don’t easily get stress and take care of your health. eventhough you are very with your work, dont forget to eat. always keep in touch with other member and forget to curve your killing smile everyday!

  12. xiahkee says:

    Hi Mr. Park!^^. I wish you a very very “Happy Birthday”. I hope you guys will go out with HoMin!!.Happy Birthday!.

  13. seabiscuits says:

    To Yoochun oppa… 🙂
    Happy 24th Birthday.
    i hope that all of the things you have dreamed off will be accomplished
    and that all things would be alright again.
    i’m keeping my faith strong, so don’t worry 😉
    tell the other four that i miss them too….
    eat your veggies, have enough rest, stay healthy
    hwaiting! ~

  14. Jany says:

    Yoochun-sshi, Happy Birthday 😀 May your day be filled with laughter, happiness and joy!

    Please take care of yourself 🙂 Your Canadian fans are cheering for you always!

    AKTF ❤

  15. Grazielle says:

    Yoochun-ah!!! Saeng il-chukha hamnida!!! Happy 24th Birthday my lovely Yoochun!!
    God Bless You!! We’re going to get out in this trouble! Stay healthy!! Saranghae!!!!!!!! Hwaiting!!! Forever 5!!! Always keep the faith!!!

  16. 3m3rald says:

    chunnie !! HAPPY 24th Birthday ! U r getting older by one year 😀 . Wish you can accomplish your dreams and be happy. Hope u will get a lot of birthday presents (also from YH and CM) . 😀 I will always be waiting for you and like u said , “Always keep the faith!! “

  17. 5Lluna says:

    Yoochun oppa
    Happy 24th birthday. I wish your birthday was wonderful, full of smile and happiness, with the succesfull on you , always healty, not only for 1 day but forever ^^
    I hope the same for your family and other members too…
    And congratulation for your 1st drama ^^

    Once again Saegil Chukkha Hamnida >o< (shout)

  18. monday_tuesday says:

    Dearest Micky,

    Happy Happy Birthday to you! On your special day, may you be filled with joy and much happiness… May your wishes come true and always remember that your fans are here for you!

    We love you Park Yoochun! Happy Birthday!


  19. Tenshi Tama says:

    Saeng il-chukha hamnida .. Yoochunsshi (^.^)v
    where-ever you are .. have the best Joyful birthday ever ^_^
    we all wish you the best , may all your dreams come true ..
    for the coming years be a good boy & behave ne .. =3

    ^__^ hope you’ll have a nice time with your hyungs and dongsengs
    always keep the faith Yoochunsshi .. keep it up! ❤

  20. Yoochun-ah! Happy Birthday to our smiling prince ❤

    I hope you have the BEST birthday ever, filled with love, laughter and yummy CAAKE!

    Take care and never forget that us fans WILL always be 10000000% behind you.
    Be happy and healthy,
    Love Steffany.

  21. KeLiSha says:

    유천 오빠 !! 생일 축하! ! 😀 Wish you all the Best! & All Cassiopeias are waiting for DBSK’s Comeback…with 윤호 오빠, 창민 오빠, 준수 오빠 & 재중 오빠 ! 🙂
    & 유천 오빠 Good Luck for your Careers..
    We All Proud of You…:)

    “항상 곁에있어 믿음 계속!!”
    우리는 당신이 사랑 유천 오빠…:)

  22. 'wishper says:

    Park Sakura Yoochun! ❤
    Happy 24th Birthday!~ I wish your day, in fact this whole entire year (and the following years) will be filled with happiness, joy and laughter. I wish all your dreams comes true.
    Chunnie deserves it all! for all your hard work, love and caring to us fans.
    And once again, May all your dreams be fulfilled.

    Stay healthy! Take care, Love Love xxxx Much!
    Smile! Cheeeeeeeeese, our smilling prince ^^
    AKTF ❤ Love you.

  23. MrTotempro says:

    Happy birthday, YooChun-oppa..!
    saeng-il chugha haeyo!
    Wish u always long live!
    소원의 u는 항상 오래 살다
    Always success!
    Wish you all d best…
    원하는 모든 최고의……

  24. Princess KamBum says:

    Yoochun…Happy Birthday
    I’ll be here to say Happy Birthday agian next year, the year following next year…forever
    Just do what you’re really happy to do. I wish you have a great great life with your family, your friends, your dogs , your cassiopiea and your members…TVXQ!
    I’ll stand by Yoochun and TVXQ!
    Always Keep the Faith

  25. Samantha says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOOCHUN!! saranghae and i wish you the all the best. please keep smiling and remain happy. you deserve to be happy especially on your birthday.

  26. Heart~my~JunJun says:

    Yoochun oppa!!! Happy Birthday!! hope you become a more known singer, composer…cause you’re very talented!! thank you for being so sweet, so genuine, so charming, so loving, so brotherly to all other members….you are just irresistible! :p
    please come to L.A and have a fan meeting or concert here and show us your english! and ofcourse junsu’s engrish too!
    hope you have a memorable and blasted birthday with your family and beloved members! please hang in there…the storm will pass through and you will see that everything works out better than you thought it’d be…

    God bless you and
    cassies will keep the faith ^ ^

  27. Toya Rima says:

    Happy birthday Yuchun (Chunnie) Forever hwaiting for you!!!!!!!! 🙂
    Keep the faith and I hope you get many presents!!!!! ❤
    Forever Love…
    Dong Bang Shin ki/ Tohoshinki/ TVXQ
    "Always Keep the Faith"
    PS: Keep singing for us!!!!!!! Hwaiting
    And Tell Jaejoong (ie) I say Hi!!!!!!!!

  28. Denisa says:

    Happy birthday Yoochun!!!!!I wish you to be happy,and enjoy every second of year life !

  29. catienle8 says:

    kyaaah!! Happy Birthday to my Chunnie! oh yeah,..! another year older,..
    I hope that you’ll be happy and continue to be strong,..
    stay healthy as always,..
    we’ll continue waiting for the 5 of you,..^^
    like what you always say,..”ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH!!”

  30. chunrinnie says:

    happy birthday yoochun! ^^
    may all the greatest things come your way… wish you all the best in life, may you always be happy & be in good health. there are so many things i would like to wish for you but i’ll just make it short 🙂 and chunnie, our smiling prince… we love your beautiful smile! please smile always ^^ remember that we are all here to support & love you ^^

  31. fadz_iz says:

    Happy 24th Birthday Chun~ (^_^)
    wish you good health for this year onwards
    dont fall sick~
    be more successful than last year~
    Always Keep The Faith~

  32. Pamy says:

    My dear man…..it’s already the 4th in your country right …..Happy Birthday ❤
    I wish you all happiness and i hope you will found your smile like it was during you dbsk activities =)
    We will always be by your side you know it right ?!
    I love you kekeke it's weird i only know you by many website lol….i like you so.

    Annyeong Oppa, you are the BEST!

  33. Sisi says:

    Dearest Chun-face ~
    생일축하합니다 ♥ .
    Even though you are one year older, you still look as handsome as ever and you’ll always be handsome .I hope that in the future you’ll be able to smile more often because we love to see you smile . We miss you so much ~ and we can’t wait for your drama . We’ll make sure that you do great . But I’m sure you can manage without us . Keep shining oppa, we’ll support you and reflect your light to the world . We’ll support you guys no matter what . As long as you’re happy we’ll be happy too . But don’t ever give up, if you know what you want, strive for it . We’ll be there to support you . Even though some of us are far away, our hearts will always be with you . We can’t wait to see you guys happy and together again ♥ . No matter how long it takes we’ll wait ~ .
    사랑해요 박유천 오빠~ ♥ [Don’t know if I wrote it right ^^]

  34. Bie04 says:

    YooChun oppa~
    Wish best for your Success, Health, Family, Friends, and TOHOSHINKI.

    I (we) know that everything will be alrite, so please more SMILE on your face 🙂

    Always Keep The Faith!
    I believe in TVXQ ^^


  35. Happy Birthday to Chunnie!
    Best wishes abt healthy,sucess,love for you. We’ll always protect and stand by you 🙂

  36. Janice says:

    Hi Yoochun,
    I hope this birthday is better than all of the birthdays from the past, youre going through a tough time right now, and i hope that through all of this chaos you’re still able to be happy. I wish that the members will all contact you some way to wish you a happy birthday so that you know although this is a difficult time that all of you may get through this together. I really do hope your birthday is amazing, just like you are. May everyone bring smiles to your face today and may you never stop smiling on your special day :]
    ~ always keep the faith ~ ❤ park yoochun we love you.

  37. DoOoDy says:

    Happy Birthday….oppa
    i wish be happy for ever in ur life..and
    more success in this year…good luck
    i hope you will make your wishes come true
    keep ur smile shine and be healthy…do your best
    we are always be here beside u..
    and don’t forget:Always keep The Faith


    love ya

  38. fayoochun says:

    Yoochunie baby happy birthday! i love you so much. i wish you good luck, happiness, success & good health together with you members! SAENG IL CHU KA HAE YO! ♥

  39. haruno says:

    wishing you a very happy birthday!!! i hope your wishes come true and may you have more birthdays to come!!! wishing you success in all your present and future projects and good health!!!

    all of you are going through a tough time right now, but you still keep strong. i’m proud of you guys for not wavering!!! and i’m thankful that you guys are still fighting! you guys have grown so much and been through so much… i’m always hoping and praying that you guys will be able to be together again, stronger and more united than ever before. i truly believe that you will.

    happy birthday park yoochun!!! 생일 축하한다!!!

    always keep the faith. hwaiting!


  40. nina says:

    omg you just turned a year younger for me LOL. happy birthday yoochun oppa. i will u the best in the coming years and great success to u and DBSK. :|)

  41. nina says:

    oops i was so exited i made mistake. LOL i meant to say WISH and the smiley was 🙂

  42. Muraki says:

    my passionate-romantic love Micky, wishing you a very Happy Birthday from the bottom of my heart~
    success-happiness are the things i wish to kiss your feet wherever you go~
    dont worry about anything my love, DBSK will remain 4EVER as 5 so dont forget to ALWAYS Keep The Faith…love you so much ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  43. Ivy says:

    Dearest YOOCHUNNIE~

    Happy 24th birthday! I can’t believe you’re growing up already.. -sniff sniff- LOL~
    These past years, I’ve been more than happy knowing that such a great individual such as yourself was out there in the world. You’re truly one of a kind. Your smile, laughter, and shining eyes is what you should always remember about yourself; never stop being the joyous person you are. Remember to smile for what you have today and to have a big, hearty laugh before you hit the bed. Always have faith as you have been reminding us to do. We keep the faith eternally, and we’re all in this together ^^ We love you so much, and we hope your wishes come true! =DDD

    ~Ivy ❤

  44. Lynnnn says:

    Happy birthday yoochun oppa! I wish you a great birthday! and may all your wishes come true! Be healthy dear ❤
    and remember that Cassie's are by your side ❤
    I love you and always keep the faith~!

  45. Hello.
    Even though we do not know each other, you and your music makes me feel happier everytime I listen to a song or watch a music video. Even though I do not know you, I very much appreciate the joy you have already given me. Always be strong. Never let anyone bring you down. Keep doing what you do and never let anyone take away the other part of you. Thank you for so much for being an inspiration. I know I am not the only person who wants to meet you someday and not to sound greedy, but I hope that I will be one of the people you will encounter in our lifetime. Have fun and be safe.

    ~ Amanda, 20 years old, Ohio (USA)


  46. winnie says:

    Happy in the day that you was born …. Wish you get all happiness in yr life and TVXQ/DBSK will come back 5 member soon.. I always wait you 5 come back and stand on stage together… We are from CAMBODIA ….. Always Keep the Fair…Fight Micky_Yoochun……… MICKY micky

  47. Roxanne says:

    I hope you’ll have a happy celebration with your family and, of course, DBSK family.

    Cassiopeia loves you!
    Be healthy and don’t forget that God is always on our side 😉

    Don’t cry, okay? 😉
    We love you SO much !! ❤

    "Always Keep The Faith" ♥

  48. ita says:

    Hepi Birthday MICKY PARK YOOCHUN!! Hope that you will stay healthy & lead a happy life always. Really wish that you will be more successful in your career & everything you do. May all the good fortunes come along your way. Be stronger, healthier & happier.

  49. Marla says:

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our beloved Yoochun!!!!
    Cassies luv u so much and will support u no matter what…
    i hope u have an AWESOME celebration..remember to always be happy
    and to take care of yourself always!!!we <3<3<3 u so much!!!!


  50. Marjorie Kei Garcia says:

    Yoochun-oppa 🙂

    I wish you a very happy birthday today!

    You were like, the most gifted songwriter on earth. Your warm and husky voice never fails to impress me, and that dimples + adam’s apple + wide forehead was a big plus 😀

    Keep on composing, singing, and gagging for me, and in return, I’ll keep my faith, ETERNALLY <33

    – Marj –
    Filipino Cassiopeia

  51. excel dela cruz says:

    happy birthday yoochun wish you a good health .career and lovelife

  52. excel dela cruz says:

    we will always keep the faith eternally hope to the end

  53. JaeJae says:

    YooChun Oppa,

    Happy Birthday Oppa! I wish you all the best!! And I hope that you’re doing good and also the rest of the members 😀 Take very good care of yourself Oppa and don’t you ever change 🙂 We all love you for who you are and also the other Dong Bang boys ^^ Stay healthy and don’t work yourself out. Please keep on smiling because your smile keeps me sane and warms my heart very much ^^. Compose more great songs Oppa, I and others Cassies will cheer for you! Fighting!

    Baby, Let’s Keep The Faith Eternally! ♥

  54. Yunjaekid says:

    hyaaaaaaaa, chunnie oppa, hap..
    happy birthday XD
    wish u all th best
    wish ur dorama was success
    wish u sang again on stage with the other 4 member of TVXQ X)

  55. My dear Yuchun happy birthday!
    Our Chinese Cassiopeia will love you forever!
    honey micky~I love you forever~

    Always Keep The Faith

  56. Animeuver says:

    Yoochun hyung! Happy bdae~!

    I wish you all the best in your future endeavours, and may your dream come true.
    Stay healthy and smile. 🙂 Your smile is one of the most contagious I’ve ever seen. So smile and don’t forget, we’re always by your side. ^____^
    I’ll wait for the day you guys return as five! Just like the quote you gave…Always Keep The Faith!

    Saranghaeyo~ HWAITING!!

  57. Vanessa says:

    To my dear yoochun oppa~

    Happy 24th birthday to u…hope all ur wishes come true..always be healthy..no matter what..cassiopeia always stay by ur side(DBSK)…god will know what is the right and wrong…i have confident in u that u all(DBSK) will come back 5 as 1 on stage and sing together with full of joy…the obstacles will go away soon..

    Oppa…don’t always cry…must always smile…smile can make you look more younger..must be happy…anyway Happy Birthday to u my dear chunnie oppa…


  58. Trangribang6 says:

    Happy Birthday to our Prince Park Yoo Chun
    Happy and smile more and stay healthy,pls pls
    Don’t worry cause’ we always stand by you
    Remember CASS are waiting for you and we love TVXQ so much..

  59. Vero_eternalCassie says:

    To our lovely sweety angel smile,YOOCHUN OPPA:
    wish u all the best,oppa..^^
    we (cassiopeia) always support u and the other member of tvxq..

    Ow yeah, once again,
    please always keep smile to us..
    Coz tvxq’s smile is breathe for cassiopeia.. ^_^

    “Uri oppa,always keep SMILING!”
    +Cassiopeia, always keep the FAITH!!!+

  60. Clarissa Zamora says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOOCHUN!! Hope you have a wonderful day and get to celebrate with your family and friends!! I hope you know that you make thousands of people smile and happy with your music, smile, and personality! You are our one of kind Micky! We will always enjoy watching you and supporting you! I wish you many many more happy years to come! Be safe and stay healthy!!!
    you know we love you to the moon and back!
    saranghae! Mucho Amor!!! Te Qiero!<3

  61. Vero_eternalCassie says:

    Saranghae yoochun oppa..
    Saranghae TVXQ!

    Cassiopeia always keep the faith!!
    Coz we love u so much!
    And always like that until the END.. 🙂

  62. Yoochun oppa! Saengil chuka ae~ May God bless you with lots of happiness, healthiness, and wealthiness… Hahaha! Oppa…? When are you going to get married…? May the lucky girl be the perfect one for you~ Always Keep The Faith~ saranghaeyo~

  63. Yoochunnie!!it’s your bday today.it’s so unbelievable and how i wish i were sumwhere with u now.lets celebrate together.
    please be healthy and i wish all the best for u.
    hope u’ll achieve everything u want to in this life and i really love ur passion,ur great music.
    do u know what’s my happiness?to see ur smile n i just hope i’ll see it forever.
    u’re such a strong cry baby.sexy at the same time xD
    please stay strong because we won’t go away from u.
    i know i can’t help u too much,that’s what i really hate about myself.
    please don’t ever feel lonely.like i said,i’ll always there for u.

  64. glyn13 says:

    To our ever dearest Yoochun-oppa HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    We hope to see your beautiful smile once again when your with the other 4 members.
    Enjoy your special day, alright. We’ll always stand by you.
    Thank you for all the great songs you’ve written and will write in the future.
    May all your hearts wishes come true.
    God bless our Chunface. We love you so much. Kiotsukete.

    Once again, Happy 24th birthday our BOYFRIEND YOOCHUN!

  65. angelicdream says:

    Dear Yoo Chunnie,
    Happy 24th Birthday !!!
    You may be a year older but you are still as handsome and charming as you have always been. Take Care.
    We Love You.Always Have, Always Will.
    Keep The Faith ;hearts

  66. nietha_seunghwa says:


    i’m your fans from INDONESIA..

    i hope u happy in this year with your friends and family..

    love u SOOOOO MUCH!!!! :DDDD

    “always keep the faith”

  67. zoe says:

    Dear Chun^^
    Sen ir chu ka ha mi da!!!
    happy birthday! I don’t know if you have time to celebrate, or is there the person accompany with you. You should keep in mind. We care about you a lot!! Pls be happy and be healthy! Take care !
    Best wishes
    p.s. I’ll eat a small birthday cake with a cassie tonight to celebrate haha## It is 4 U

  68. Jeslin says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Micky YooChun! <3<3<3
    Stay happy always~(:
    #AlwaysKeepTheFaith ~ ❤

  69. lullaby says:

    Happy Birthday!! Normally, I don’t like to share things, but since it’s you~ I will gladly, happily, share our special day (even though your’s is technically 2 years before mine, but no biggie, right?!)!! haha

    Always smile and wear v-necks!!
    Lulls from Wisconsin~

  70. I'm Cassiopeia who Likes TVXQ oppa says:

    happy birthday yoo chun oppa, long life and always .. what is your hope? Any hope I hope it’s the best .. watch your health, and I hope you’re along four other members stay together, like what you have said in Cassiopeia ^ ^

    Saranghae yo.. Aishiteru.. Love u ❤ ❤ kiss..

  71. SoRa says:

    안녕 오빠~ ^^ 생일 축하해요~
    우리는 (팬들을) 모든 최고의 소원. 항상 건강한 머물.
    Have fun and enjoy your 24th birthday with all your friends and your family.
    We will always keep the faith.
    Cassiopeia will stay by your sides.
    화이팅 오빠들!!
    동방신기 화이팅!! ^_^

  72. Shishi says:

    Happy birthday Yoo Chun Oppa!
    Stay healthy and happy always 🙂
    Do take care of yourself.
    Cassiopeia will always be with you all!
    Always Keep The Faith~~

  73. sshutingg says:

    The emotional one.
    The sensible one.
    The talented one.
    The lovely one.
    The one with a killer smile.

    Happy birthday to you.

    The love we, Cassiopeia, have for you is beyond words. Thanks for all the awesome musics, lovely smile, gorgeous performances. We will be waiting.

    Have a great day with your love ones.
    Though not physically but Xiah, Hero, Max and UKnow will always be there for you, you know that right? That includes us, Cassiopeia who will always be with TVXQ, no matter what!

    As long as you are happy. ^^

  74. park-min-ah says:

    sengil chukkahamnida yoochun oppa..
    wishing u a great birthday ever..
    and i will always keep my faith..!!

  75. yusrina says:

    we hope you can get what you want
    and we really hope you guys will stay together forever ^^

    cassieopeia always love you and support you with DBSK ^^

    so, don’t be sad, happy in your day !


  76. Jyuri says:

    ♡ お誕生日おめでとう!
    Please be happy and enjoy your special day with the members! ^^
    Hope your everyday is filled with happiness and love ❤
    and ask Jaejoong oppa to cook a birthday feast for you! hehe.

    Remember we will always stand by you!
    We love you! our smiling prince 🙂

    -Always keep the faith ★

  77. Ariel says:

    Hey hey Happy Birthday’s Yoochun Oppa!!!!!!!!!!!! XD wish your dream come true na!

  78. Merve says:

    Dear Yoochun oppa,
    Saengil chukha hamnida! Happy Birthday!
    I hope that your birthday will be as special as you are!
    Always keep the faith!
    saranghae <333

  79. keatjin says:

    Have a great one and best of luck to you in your career and in life!!
    i hope your dramas do well too!! and i hope that every problem and obstacle that u’re facing now or will face one day, will be overcomed and turn out well!!

    Happy birthday my cry baby :-* wish u have a lot of gorgeous succeeds,be happy my angel 😡
    P/S : DBSK!!!!!Please comeback soon 🙂 U’ll go back WITH ALL MY HEART 😡

    • 생일축하합니다 박유천
      Happy birthday my cry baby :-* wish u have a lot of gorgeous succeeds,be happy my angel
      P/S:동방신기!!!!!Please comeback soon:)U’ll go back WITH ALL MY HEART.

  81. joongie_love says:

    hope u have an AWESOME DAY~

  82. clannad says:

    Happy 24th birthday, Chunnie. I hope you will be blessed by God and will receive abundant of love from your loved ones. Please be healthy and at last but not least, be happy since everything happens has it’s own good although we can’t seem to find or understand it. We’ll always keep the faith for you and DBSK 😉 We love you,Chunnie ❤

  83. jaejekim says:


  84. ane says:

    Happy birthday YOOCHUN OPPA!!! i hope you will have a very happy birthday.. 🙂
    remember…to ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH!!^^

  85. Claudz says:

    Happy Birthday Park Yoochun!
    Keep smiling! ^^
    Cassiopeia will always Stand by U!
    I hope you had a good day
    Always keep the faith.
    We love you! ^^

  86. ren-ren says:

    Happy Beerday Yoochun oppa.. Wish you all the best on this day and forever..

  87. InHye says:


  88. Azaleaislala says:

    Our Smiley prince, no words better that hope that you could be happy always and forever.. No more tears of pain and sadness in your day. Let your day full of spirit, smile, and healthiness. No worries, no afraid. Push away those dark clouds so you could see the warm and cheerful sunshine ahead^^..
    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday our dearest prince..
    Hope all happiness in your every way..
    Please be happy, healthy and be 5 always
    Remember that Cassiopeia, Bigeast, and International Cassiopeia over the world love you.. Love DBSK ^^

  89. me-an says:

    to the man whose smile melts my heart, whose tears make me want to hug him, whose cheeks I want to pinch every time he eats, whose dorkyness is really addictive, whose piano playing skills are exceptional, whose voice soothes my ears and whose existence brings extreme happiness to my life… HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARK YOOCHUN!! 생일 축하 유천 오빠!!~ ♥

  90. Annes says:




  91. Alzina says:


    Happy Birthday….I’m sure you are overwhelmed with the amount of birthday wishes you have received and the amount of love and support you have from your fans. Although I am a very new fan, but I will not fail to wish you upon this joyous occasion.

    Despite of busy schedule I hope you have had a pleasant day to spend with time to your own. Cherish every moment you have with your loved one’s. Be healthy and happy as that’s the most important aspect of being a human. Spend time with family and friends as they will be there for you in times of trial and triumph. They are the greatest gifts God can bestow upon a person. Wish you all the success in the world. Although I do not understand Korean or Japanese, but I will continue to support all your activities. You are first and foremost a human being, so please give time yourself and be happy. May God bless you and your family always as they have shared their precious son with the fans and made them happy.

    Happy Birthday again….
    Enjoy (:

  92. Arysu says:

    Happy Birthday Yoochun! 🙂
    This is your second birthday what you celebrate with me. 😀 It’s already almost 2 years… oh my god…
    You are the only one you know? My heart, my mind, my soul.
    I love you with all my heart, all my soul, all my mind, all my strength. Forever and more. ^^
    My only wish is you’ll be happy. If you’re happy, than I’m too.

  93. nixchun says:

    Dear Park Yoochun Oppa.

    생일 축하한다! お誕生日おめでとうユチョン!

    I wish you all the best in life! We will always stand by your side. I may live in a different country from yours, but my love will always be near you 🙂 Remember that you will always be loved! and us fans will always keep the faith 🙂 I don’t know if this message will surely reach you…but I still hope that you will feel loved on your special day! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! LIKE SERIOUSLY! 😀


  94. Chloe says:

    I wish you all the best in everything you do and may your birthday wish come true!!!!
    I love you!

  95. qijae says:

    happy birthday to our prince, MICKY YOOCHUN.
    please keep strong and no matter what, we, cassiopeia always be by your side and the other members too.

  96. samohty says:

    おたんじょうびおめでとうユチョンくん! \ ^0^ /

    We will always be by your side. Fighting! 🙂

  97. Jessica says:

    Happy Birthday Yoochun~! I wish you all the happiness and good health that you so rightfully deserve~

    Cassiopeia loves you, so don’t cry too much anymore, okay? ^^
    I hope this year to your life brings a lot more happiness and hope to you… stay strong.

    Always keep the faith & have an amazing birthday.
    Saranghae ❤

  98. xDBSK_Loverx says:

    I wish you the best in life and what u wish for come true,
    i’ll always be supporting you!!~
    Saranghaeyo~!!!! =D Good luck with your dramas~
    Fighting Yoochunnie Oppa! 😀
    Us Cassies will always STAND BY U. We’ll be supporting u always ❤ Hwaiting!

  99. Chydori says:

    Happy Birthday Yoochun~!!!
    Hope you all the best ! Always stay healthy !
    Always follow your heart ! We’ll keep the faith eternally~

  100. misscyl says:

    love you! be happy , my man!

  101. myhyukkie says:

    Happy Birthday Yoochun :D!!
    I hope you have a blast on this special day and go crazy!!
    Thanks for always bring laughter and happiness to my life everyday!
    Even though you might be busy today, never forget that Cassies are always here celebrating your birthday right now 😀
    May all our wishes come true <33

    Love you ❤

  102. max_leia says:


    always be a person you want to be…
    hope the best for you,always…

  103. majo says:

    aww. I’m sorry if my greeting is late. Anyway, a SUPER HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you YOOCHUN!!!! waah. I Love You! I hope that you spent your day with a smile and full of happy things~ 🙂
    we are always here for you and for TVXQ!!! ♥

  104. Bobi says:

    Happy Birthday Yoochun! 🙂 I know you can’t see this but I hope that you and the rest of the group will be able to sing again together someday. Don’t forget that the Cassies around the world support, miss and will always love you! Don’t lose hope and let’s Always Keep the Faith together! ^_^

  105. yukoluvj says:

    yuchun bday happy~~~~
    sorry i come here…but i say happy bday to u on twitter you know lol did you heard my voice yesterday chunnie???XD
    we’ll always love you <333

  106. Michelle ♥ says:

    You’re an awesome singer/actor/composer/guitarist/pianist and most of all you’re and awesome PERSON.
    You’re sweet, kind, romantic, mad hot, humorous, snarky, witty, suave, chic, adorable, dorky, cute and of course, great. (:
    You’re everything a girl could ever want, hell all 5 of you are. Don’t ever fall under pressure alright, we’re here for you! We promise we’ll be your pillars of support.
    Like you said, always keep the faith, we’re still doing that, I am.
    Have an awesome birthday okay! We’ll always remain true to you.
    Happy 24th Birthday Park Yoochun/ Micky Yoochun. Sweet age. ♥
    I believe the DBSK boys will always remain as 5, I know you all love each other dearly, those decade of friendship won’t fade that easily.
    Cassiopeia believe in the 5 of you.

  107. spicy says:

    My beautiful boy,wish u always have happiness cos i really want to see smile n laught by happiness. love u always

  108. Jadis says:

    Yoochun~ happy birthday, our ever youthful, crybaby, dorky, mischievous smiling prince! You’re 24 years now, and I hope you don’t regret spending more than 6 years with Cassiopeia and your fans!

    I wish you more success and love~♥

  109. bitterjae says:

    happy birthday yoochun !!
    we’ll always support you!!
    i love youuu <333

  110. Denise says:

    a little late -.- … but happy bday micky yoochun ! wishing u all the best :]

  111. Akhi says:

    Happy Birthday Yoochun!
    Even though I greeted you a bit late because Today is June 6, I still feel it’s your Bithday up to now~

    My wish for you is to make your everyday be okay as the calm stream.
    The Philippines Cassies are still waiting for you guys… always~
    dude, we love you and the guys~

  112. Chloe1910 says:

    Happy Birthday to Yoochunnie!♥

    Hwaiting and we will keep our faith together with you.

  113. felice says:

    Dear birthday-man yoochun.
    This post is 2 days late but I still want to wish you a great birthday. I wish you the best in life and that you remember there are people who love you, who stalk you, even. Lol. Don’t forget that we’re here for you and keep the faith. Oh, and keep writing songs because your songs really touch me. Sengel chukahamnida oppa 😀

  114. Jenny says:

    Please continue to look after yourself. Be happy forever, us fans will continue to support you not just during your hard time but during you happy times too. Hwaiting!!

  115. Minyoung says:

    Do you know how much Cassiopeia love you?
    Best wishes for your 24th birthday
    Always smile and happy, my dear angel
    I really want to see you one time in my life, but it is too far
    With me, your happiness is all to me
    Always keep the faith, I really love all of you, my 5 gods
    Happy birthday to you……. Sweet 24
    ( You’re not old ^^ )

  116. Eun Sol says:

    wish you happy bday!
    Cassiopeia is always here for you
    Always Keep The Faith

  117. lolita jung says:

    Happy belated birthday YC Park^^
    stay healthy, and take care of your hyungs and dongsaengs well.
    thank you for keeping our faith,
    we’ll wait, always wait until the 5 of you can get along together again.
    DBSK’s always,
    Lolita-Indonesian Cassie

  118. poco_a_la_poco says:

    유천 오빠!
    생일 축하해요!!!
    couldn’t find a soompi thread that day, so i’ll post here today.
    best wishes.

  119. seah qianyi says:

    always keep the faith,
    we'll be behind you,
    even if u fall. ((:

  120. Nandela says:

    oppa saranghaeyo!!
    happy birthday!!!
    now i’ll sing just 4 u
    happy birthday yuchun, happy birthday yuchun,
    happy birthday, happy birthday
    happy birthday yuchun,

    although u dont know me, i’ll pray 4 u..
    everytime n everyday.


  121. cialuphdbsk says:

    Yucheon oppa!
    happy b’day!!saengil chukhahamnida!!
    we love you so much!!
    fighting and always keep the faith!! ^^
    yeongwonhi saranghaeyo!!

  122. dorrebostars says:

    tajnjoubi omedetou Yuchun-san… Wish al thebest for you.. Hwating!!!

  123. V.A says:

    …HAPPY BIRTHDAY…Chun oppa…Wish you always live happily and smile all times like you did….Your friends and Cass always beside you in defiance of problems or ups and downs. We always support for you so just keep your sweet smile to your life. Love you so much..^^

  124. pheebs says:

    sorry that i post late…
    but anyways HAPPY BIRTHDAY>w<

  125. madeline says:

    i wish you all the best, man.
    happy birthday!

  126. ememicky says:

    Happy Birthday Oppa! Saranghaeyo~~~♥

  127. HaChunnie says:

    Happy birthday XD
    Wish you all the best ^O^
    Always keep the faithhhhh !

  128. Belinda says:


  129. happy birthday to YooChun!
    Best wish for you!

  130. happy birthday to Yoochun!
    best wish for you!
    and love you so much !

  131. sereyrath says:

    Happy birthday for u na

  132. sereyrath says:

    A Yoochun! I wish u have a grate day and enjoy with ur friend too.

  133. Vee says:

    I can only say Happy Birthday to you Yoochun oppa,
    no matter what will happen, I and All of Cassiopeia around the world will always love and support you and TVXQ. ❤
    be healthy ok!! 😀

  134. rosemary says:

    to my cutie Chunnie,
    h0pe u’ll always be happy and healthy..
    don’t work too hard !!
    we’ll always be with u..

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